JAPAN. Mountains of debt and cheap money

Zero growth, soaring debt and a deflationary spiral: Japan is now the world's most deeply indebted nation. The economy and Japanese society have been plagued by stubborn stagnation since the 1990s.

TANZANIA. Africa as a barometer of growth in China

China is constructing a large-scale sea port in Bagamoyo. Why? Because China is growing, and for this it needs more resources. China is securing long-term access to vital imports of raw materials by making massive investments in infrastructure. In the case of Tanzania, USD 11 billion.

IRAN. Economic opening is a trigger for political conflict

The sanctions against Iran have been lifted, bringing a significant actor back onto the world economic stage. What does this mean in a geopolitical context? And for you as an investor?
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Notenstein La Roche Dialogue

The effects of mass migration and terror attacks are uncertain. For investors, uncertainty is more difficult to deal with than risk.

New bedrock

The merger of Notenstein Private Bank and Bank La Roche & Co unites two long-established Swiss private banks with origins in the 18th century.
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