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Adrian Künzi

“It’s about much more than money...

...it’s about mutual trust,

a long-standing partnership

and knowing you’re

in good hands.”


Dr Adrian Künzi, CEO Notenstein La Roche Private Bank

Our services

As your long-term partners, we advise you comprehensively, manage your wealth individually and assist you with your financing needs. In doing so, we will show you how you can protect, grow and pass on your assets, and how you can plan for your retirement – with solutions that are always configured to suit your individual needs and goals. You can rely on our comprehensive, tailored solutions.

Investment advisory and wealth management

Investment advisory and wealth management

Financial and pension planning

Financial and pension planning



External asset managers

External asset managers


What we deliver

There is no other bank like us. No other bank where dedication, a down-to-earth approach, a commitment to performance and expertise come together in such a way as to ensure advisory services in their purest and most honest form.


We are the essence of Swiss private banking.

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Our viewpoint

We keep a very close eye on economic, geopolitical and social developments and analyse the implications for our clients’ assets.



Currency manipulation: Will Switzerland show up on the US authorities’ radar?
Markets: What can we expect from Europe’s election-packed summer?
Healthcare sector: Caught between potential and cost pressures.