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Anna König, advisor, Berne

Individualised manager pensions

As an entrepreneur, self-employed professional or management-level employee, you are accustomed to making your own decisions. But is this also true when it comes to your occupational pension (2nd pillar)? You can diversify within the 2nd pillar and choose your own investment strategy, obtain greater transparency over your pension assets and reduce your tax burden.

Individualised manager pensions – explained simply


For whom are individualised manager pensions suitable?

Individualised manager pensions are suitable for entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers) and management-level employees.

Andreas Schwarz

“I’m used to taking responsibility for myself and I’d like to do the same with my pension assets. With an individualised manager pension I have a say in how my pension assets are invested.”

Andreas Schwarz
Lawyer and partner
Schwarz Breitenstein Rechtsanwälte AG

Thomas Löhrer

“Being a successful entrepreneur means achieving the right balance between risk and creative freedom – this is also true when it comes to planning for the future. That’s why we’ve opted for an individualised manager pension.”



Marius Thürlimann

“My work involves making critical decisions on a day-to-day basis. The individualised manager pension gives me the opportunity to take control of my own pension planning, too.”

Dr Marius Thürlimann
Consultant and director
HNO Praxis Gossau AG

Patrick Stach

“Competence, flexibility and reliability are important to me as an attorney at law and entrepreneur. Thanks to the individualised manager pension from Notenstein La Roche, I can be equally confident on this score about my pension plan.”

Dr Patrick Stach
Attorney at law and entrepreneur
Stach Rechtsanwälte AG

BVG pension check-up
BVG pension check-up
Three steps to your personal BVG pension check-up: we review your pension situation with you and explore possibilities for optimising your occupational pension provision.
Initial assessment

“As part of an initial consultation, we discuss your pension situation with you and explain the benefits of an individualised manager pension in detail.”

Systematic analysis of your pension situation

In a next step, our specialists analyse your pension situation based on your current pension fund’s regulations, your company’s pension plan and your pension certificate and from this propose recommendations for action tailored to your situation. 

Discussion of possibilities for optimisation

Based on this thorough analysis, we then discuss with you in person as to whether you can create additional buy-in potential and improve your tax situation. We also ascertain whether the investments and insurance benefits meet your needs or whether there is potential for optimisation.

Financial and pension planning

Financial and pension planning