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Our viewpoint

At Notenstein La Roche, we take a critical view of simplistic forecasts. Instead, we attach importance to in-depth analysis and personal dialogue with our clients.

Compass July 2017

Cryptocurrencies: Digital currencies between skyrocketing and plummeting.
Monetary policy: Is the end of cheap money in sight?
Technology: How internet titans are increasing their power, and how we are helping them do that.



Compass April 2017

Currency manipulation: Will Switzerland show up on the US authorities’ radar?
Markets: What can we expect from Europe’s election-packed summer?
Healthcare sector: Caught between potential and cost pressures.

Diverse, successful, Swiss

In spite of the strong Swiss franc and low interest rates, small and medium-sized enterprises are the lifeblood of the Swiss economy. This specialist publication examines how SMEs contribute to the diversity and stability of the Swiss economy.

Compass January 2017

Brexit and Trump were the two big political surprises of 2016. The real consequences of these events will not become clear for many months or even years. A series of landmark elections and votes are due again this year, which will give financial markets plenty of food for thought.

Compass December 2016

The topic that dominated the headlines this autumn was the US elections and their surprising outcome. The focus is now turning back to monetary policy and companies’ fundamentals.

Compass September 2016

The markets have gone through some tumultuous months. But despite all of the adversities, risky asset classes got off to a surprisingly good start to the second half of 2016. So, is this an opportunity to continue profiting from upward market momentum?

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