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At Notenstein La Roche, we take a critical view of simplistic forecasts. Instead, we attach importance to in-depth analysis and personal dialogue with our clients.

Compass April 2018

Duel: OPEC and the US shale oil industry are wrestling for supremacy in the petroleum market.
Defensive: Gold is regaining importance as a portfolio hedge.
Enduring issue: Renewable energy is on the rise, but fossil fuels continue to dominate. 



Compass January 2018

Full throttle: The world economy is zooming at a pace not seen in quite a while. However, signs of overheating are multiplying.
Snail’s pace: Market interest rates should continue rising marginally in 2018. Bonds remain unattractive.
Up and down: Stock prices look set to climb higher in the first half of 2018 – but thereafter? Volatility will increase.

Compass October 2017

At a junction: The Chinese economic powerhouse faces enormous challenges.
Making a pit stop: The emerging markets need to consolidate after the surge in share prices.
In the overtaking lane: India is working hard to dislodge China from its pole position.

Compass July 2017

Cryptocurrencies: Digital currencies between skyrocketing and plummeting.
Monetary policy: Is the end of cheap money in sight?
Technology: How internet titans are increasing their power, and how we are helping them do that.

Compass April 2017

Currency manipulation: Will Switzerland show up on the US authorities’ radar?
Markets: What can we expect from Europe’s election-packed summer?
Healthcare sector: Caught between potential and cost pressures.

Diverse, successful, Swiss

In spite of the strong Swiss franc and low interest rates, small and medium-sized enterprises are the lifeblood of the Swiss economy. This specialist publication examines how SMEs contribute to the diversity and stability of the Swiss economy.

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